Kate Durr
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Kate Durr in pink hair and red dress poses with a model skull

Innovative, Multi-Disciplined Product Designer
Tel: 740.972.0699
Email: katedbee@gmail.com

I am a driven, dedicated, & motivated multi-functional designer with experience building interfaces, workflows, products, & brand assets from the ground-up who thrives in an innovative, collaborative, sincere, & professional creative team.


Bachelor of Fine Arts - Video Game Production & Design
Graduated Summa Cum Laude - 3.92 GPA
Earned 4-year degree in only 2 years by fully dedicating time to studies. Received 1-on-1 mentorship by completing additional, elective coursework from professors outside of class.
Sanford-Brown College Online - Tampa, FL

Jun 2013 - Jul 2015
Accelerated track


  • Graphic design (7+ years) - business cards, letterheads, multi-format prints, digital
  • Website design (7+ years) - SEO, UX design, wireframing, UI design, layouts, front-end development (HTML, CSS), CMS
  • Brand creation & implementation (6+ years) - style guides, mission, color palette, logos, taglines, web presence, signage
  • Print & digital advertisement design (6+ years) - billboards, brochures, magazines, banners
  • Agile workflow (2+ years) - on site & remote collaboration
  • Website management (6+ years) - SEO, analytics, privacy & accessibility, CMS, DNS

  • Vector & pixel art (7+ years) - illustrations, iconography
  • 2D & 3D animation (3+ years) - iconography, pixel art, infographics, video game
  • 3D modeling (4+ years) - character, environment, technical CAD, rigging, texture mapping
  • Creative & technical copywriting (9+ years) - blogs, web content, printed publications, instructions, studies
  • Photography & videography (3+ years) - product, model, candid, landscape, studio, on-location
  • Photo manipulation & editing (7+ years) - masking, filters, touch-ups, realistic, surreal


  • Adobe Creative Cloud (7+ years) - Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, Animate, Dreamweaver
  • Affinity Suite (2+ years) - Designer, Photo, Publisher
  • Collaboration software (3+ years) - InVision, Zeplin, Whimsical, Figma, Jira, Confluence, Dropbox, Skype, Upwork
  • Web design & management (7+ years) - Adobe Experience Manager, Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, Jekyll, GitHub, Netlify
  • Front-end development (3+ years) - CMS, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap
  • Operating systems (10+ years) - Windows, Mac, Ubuntu

  • Social media management (7+ years) - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google My Business
  • 3D modeling software (4+ years) - Maya, Mudbox, Meshmixer, Blender
  • Microsoft Office Suite (10+ years) - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, OneDrive
  • Google apps (6+ years) - Drive, Calendar, Chat, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms
  • 3D printing (2+ years) - Formlabs, SprintRay, EnvisionTEC
  • Photo & video cameras (4+ years) - Sony A7RIII, Nikon 7100


Director of Marketing & Product Design
Web Manager, Web Designer, Product Designer, Print Designer, Graphic Designer, UX/UI Designer, Brand Designer, Social Media Manager
Infinite Smiles, Inc. - Powell, OH - Remote

Jan 2019 - Present

  • Establish brand guidelines and complete entire rebrand including new logo, color palette, typography, client profiles, marketing materials, forms, letterheads, and business cards.
  • Design and manage 63+ page Wordpress website for optimal UX, SEO, speed, and multi-device performance - #2 conversion source responsible for 8.2% annual production.
  • Design and publish 16-page, mass-distribution dental catalog - #1 conversion source responsible for 9.2% annual production with a reach of 240,000 households.
  • Manage Google Ads, Facebook Campaigns, and Waze ads for dental implants, veneers, and general dentistry - #3 conversion source responsible for 7.2% annual production.
  • Maintain all creative and marketing content including digital and print marketing materials, website, 4 social media accounts, quarterly blog content, and brand guidelines.
  • Increase annual profits by 150% and improve national Google search ranking to #30 for 1 office with a 20-mile radius reach by enhancing online presence through SEO, social media, and online and print marketing campaigns.
  • Participate as second-shooter for client photo and video shoots with local, national, and international celebrities.
  • Design and fabricate dental appliances through 2 separate 3D modeling programs and 3 3D printer programs, and print materials in-house using 3 different 3D printers.

Freelance Design Consultant
Brand Designer, Web Designer, Product Designer, Graphic Designer, UX/UI Designer, Animator
Selection of clients listed below

Apr 2015 - Present

  • Work with photography, pixel-graphic, vector-graphic, animation, 3D modeling, and publishing design programs to complete assignments based on client requests and requirements to fit their time and budget.
  • Manage client correspondence and business requirements sometimes using Google Translate as interpreter.
  • Set up routine appointments with clients and provide change logs and detailed timesheets to maintain quality service and support resolution.
  • Complete design tasks including logo design, brand design, print and digital advertising, social media management, website design and management, and 2D animation.

Brand Designer - Hybrid - 7 Sages Yoga, LLC. - New Albany, OH

  • Designed whole brand including company logo, color palette, tagline, business and appointment cards, and marketing materials for multi-purpose print and digital use using Adobe CC.
  • Collaborated with owner directly to design and optimize website layout for easy, independent self-authoring.
  • Designed, wrote copy for, and managed responsive Wordpress site, training owner on Elementor CMS to make changes to their site independently as needed.
  • Edited, uploaded, and implemented client-provided photography for multiple breakpoints on the website.

Web & Product Designer - Liberty Cleaners - Powell, OH

  • Repaired and optimized company logo and updated business fonts and color palette for a more cohesive presentation to customers.
  • Collaborated with owner and photographer to gather, edit, and publish photos for web and marketing use.
  • Designed, launched, and wrote copy for responsive Squarespace site and social media profiles including Facebook and Google My Business.
  • Created, printed, and distributed business cards, hanger cards, and drive-thru signage.

Product Designer - Remote - Imprimis Networks, LLC. - Houston, TX

  • Worked directly with CEO entirely remotely to restore and revise company logo using Adobe CS6. Optimized website design and layout to better represent brand.
  • Set up email server, encryption, and security settings between Wordpress, HostGator, and Google.
  • Implemented CSS and HTML to fix formatting and functionality issues on client’s responsive Wordpress site. Provided in-depth changelogs on a weekly basis.
  • Established and tested remote desktop service for B2C customer support.

Pixel-Art Animator - Remote - Stern Pinball, Inc. - Chicago, IL

  • Illustrated a total of 55 pixel-art panels for 5 separate gameplay scenarios at 12 fps using Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Cosmigo Pro Motion 6.5.
  • Met strict palette restrictions conforming to a retro-style, 16-bit LED marquee display.
  • Collaborated closely with Stern Pinball, Inc. animators to produce art that followed Sony Pictures and Marvel Comics brand guidelines.
  • Completed work entirely remotely, maintaining effective communication with Stern Pinball staff.

Production Manager
UX/UI Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Copywriter, Photography Manager
Cardinal Health, Inc. - Columbus, OH - On-Location

Aug 2016 - Dec 2018

  • Replaced team of 14 designers and worked as the single, lead designer on a team of 58 people for a multi-million dollar B2B ecommerce website redesign project.
  • Established user personas and user journey maps and recorded and updated user experience and design functionality requirements in a 635-page document.
  • Wireframed, designed, published, and updated 48 major webpage mockups (515 total use states) for CMS authoring through AEM. Updated from workflows as old as 1999.
  • Used Adobe CC, InVision, Zeplin, Jira, and Confluence as part of an Agile workflow.
  • Established and distributed standard and 360-degree photography processes for over 100,000 medical products.
  • Designed and implemented targeted and segmented promotional content using Adobe Photoshop and AEM.
  • Created and maintained 15-page product descriptions style guide, 19-page product photography style guide, and 13-page digital project style guide.
  • Presented to and educated entire team on the proper use of OneDrive, product taxonomy, Photoshop and site mockups, Zeplin, template webpage design, and AEM authoring.
  • Presented development-ready designs weekly in large, cross-functional team meetings containing 10+ individuals.
  • Proctored Quality Assurance and User Acceptance Testing with end-users, stakeholders, marketing, and development.
  • Collaborated with on-shore and off-shore development teams, business units, and business managers to ensure requirements were met and functional across applications.
  • Worked with developers to write and implement front-end code as necessary to produce results based on wireframes.

Brand Design Consultant
UX/UI Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Copywriter, Brand Designer
Upwork Global, Inc. - San Francisco, CA - Remote

Nov 2015 - Nov 2016

  • Worked one-on-one, entirely remotely, with business owners across 4 countries in ecommerce, IT, and medical fields to create personalized, professional branding from the ground up while following 1 to 8 week delivery timelines.
  • Simultaneously managed an average of 6 clients with personalized correspondences, expectations, and budgets.
  • Designed and optimized branding and promotional materials, websites, and design documents using Adobe CS6 and packaged deliverables in digital and print formats.
  • Communicated effectively with clients speaking Hindi, Swedish, and Chinese using Google Translate as interpreter and accommodated schedules in 7 different time zones.


Essential to Care award
Cardinal Health, Inc.

Jun 2017

Top-Rated and Featured Freelancer
Upwork Global, Inc.

Nov 2016

President's List Member
Sanford-Brown College Online

Aug 2013

National Honor Society, National Mathematics Honor Society (Mu Alpha Theta), La Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica, & National History Honor Society (Phi Alpha Theta)
Big Walnut High School

Sep 2011


Curious • Dedicated • Fast-learner • Genuine • Hard-working • Independent • Introverted • Kind • LGBTQ+ • Multifaceted • Observant • Passionate • Resourceful • Tech-savvy